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November 08 2012

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Colorado and Washington passed referendums legalizing marijuana for recreational use, becoming the first states in the country to legalize the drug, according to ABC News.

ABC News projects that a similar measure in Oregon failed to garner enough support to pass.

The initiatives would allow marijuana to be cultivated and for special stores to sell up to an ounce to individuals 21 and older. …

(via Colorado, Washington Legalize Recreational Marijuana - ABC News)

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November 05 2012

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I heartily endorse this comic.

(via Maximumble - #480 – Dolled)

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Nie można jednak pominąć pewnego istotnego aspektu. Walka o wprowadzenie marihuany ma też pewien wymiar ideologiczny i traktowana jest przez wielu jako walka o swobodę przeciw restrykcyjnym systemom władzy. Władze zaś traktuję problem jako walkę o ład i porządek przeciwko anarchizującym burzycielom ładu społecznego. Gdyby odrzucić irracjonalne ideologie sprawa potoczyłaby się znacznie szybciej i prościej, a chorzy mieliby swoje leki.
— Jerzy Vetulani via http://tnij.org/mvwx
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October 31 2012

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October 30 2012

Nature's engineering.
The underside of a giant Amazon water lily.
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legitimate rape
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thanks Captain Obvious (Post)!

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Check out http://MarijuanaMajority.com/BradPitt
for the full quote and to see quotes from other influential people who are saying it is time to change our marijuana laws.

SHARE this image in your own newsfeed to help spread the message that many prominent people from across the political spectrum are speaking out about the need for marijuana reform.
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